Statement of purpose

Health authorities, senior management, professionals and academics from a range of relevant disciplines involved in prison [1]  health will enhance their knowledge and skills to strengthen prison health systems in order to improve the health outcomes of detainees [2] , through effective management and coordination, and through promoting the knowledge and respect of fundamental rights protecting all persons under any form of detention or imprisonment, and the implementation of related standards, and principles (including “equivalence of care”).

1.The term “prison” refers to all types of penitentiary institutions, including police and immigration detention facilities.

2.Similarly, the term “detainee” refers to all persons deprived of liberty in any of the “prisons” as defined above.

Good practice and Research

Provide opportunities for participants to share experiences, challenges, lessons learnt and research.

Stewardship Approach

Promote a “whole-government” stewardship approach to prison health.

Awareness and Understanding

Promote awareness and understanding of current international standards and provide guidance towards their implementation.

Network and Partnership

Enable and encourage the participants to be part and an active member of the “worldwide prison health research & engagement network” (WEPHREN), along with professionals and institutions involved in prison health from other countries

Date November 13-15, 2019
Place Manila, The Philippines
Venue New World Makati Hotel
Organizers International Committee of the Red Cross Philippines
Format The conference will be held in plenary and concurrent (workshops) sessions.
The participants will be offered the opportunity to present their good practices or research results in form of poster stands.
Recommendations Set Down in Manila on 15 November 2019